Did you know it’s estimated that 80% of us who exercise don’t give stretching the proper attention it needs? “Proper Attention” being a combined 7-12 minutes of stretching before, during, & after training.

stretching for fitness

I agree with this statistic, because in my 26 years of fitness training 1,000’s of individuals and groups, at 1st clients and prospective clients view stretching as unnecessary. Instead, they’re excited about their goals of getting stronger, leaner, & becoming the best version of themselves. But we soon introduce them to one of our 7 Pillars of Success to help them reach their goals. And YES, you guessed it: STRETCHING.

Stretching has become more and more popular with the onset of yoga, pilates, & stretching studios popping up all over the US in the last 12 years. And for good reason too: It is important!

We teach that stretching is key to us staying injury-free because it helps keep our joints and muscles fluid & moving through a full range of motion.

As a pro natural bodybuilder and a 26-year fitness coach, I’ve used stretching since the day I began; and the results have been exceptional. Personally, at 50 years of age, my range of motion has remained really good; and I continue to do a full splits. And recently, one of our fitness clients (in her 60’s) came into our studio with a “child-like” bounce to her step, because her hips finally stopped hurting and she was pain-free for the first time in years.

Stretching has allowed myself, our clients, and a host of others to reach maximum potential in our exercise plans.

Stretching will not only do that in fitness, but it’ll do the same in life. When we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones, we’re better able to reach our maximum capabilities. Be that at work, at home, or wherever life finds us; pushing ourselves outside of our “normal” is a necessary step for our growth. For example, making ourselves get up an hour or two earlier before work to write that business plan, so we can start that company we’ve envisioned for years now. Forcing ourselves to be nice to that person who’s mean to us every day speaks positive volumes to that person and others watching. Or in my case, getting up at 4 AM to listen, pray, read God’s Word, & be thankful sets my days up for maximum production, & gives me more time with family after work. The examples are numerous as to the enormous success of pushing ourselves past the easy part.

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So, whether it’s in our exercise plans or our everyday lives, stretching ourselves past our comfort zone helps take us to our maximum potential. Won’t you give it a GO the next time you’re in your workout, or when your mind tells you what you can’t do? Thx! ‘Til next time… praying/ thx for your prayers!

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